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Thread: EDITED - ( how to sell on CPF? )

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    Default EDITED - ( how to sell on CPF? )

    Hi all,I am thinking of selling a flashlight

    any help would be great. Thank You !

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    Hello and welcome

    Your text above has been replaced, as sales go in the WTS forum, you will need a supporter badge to start a thread there, and price fishing threads are not allowed
    Last edited by archimedes; 10-01-2018 at 03:57 PM. Reason: wrong subforum, no supporter badge, and price fishing

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    Default Re: EDITED - ( how to sell on CPF? )

    Please see info above.

    The above thread has been (temporarily) approved, so that you can receive this information, but will later be removed (as you have repeatedly started duplicate threads in the wrong location)

    Please review the linked info above, regarding how to sell on CPF, as well as the general rules here ...

    Thanks !
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