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Thread: Ring Indicator: Something That Stays Lit Until I Turn it Off

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    Default Ring Indicator: Something That Stays Lit Until I Turn it Off

    As I will myself to steer clear of the "For Sale" sections (both due to limited wallet and limited storage space), I am on the quest for a unique telecom product; and, knowing the great minds here at CPF, I am hoping someone has an idea.

    Many caller ID products out there have small LEDs which remain steady or even blink when a new call comes in. I want something bigger and brighter, and I know that there must be a way to make it happen without spending an arm and a leg.

    The idea goes like this:

    1) A phone call comes in
    2) Some sort of device plugs in via RJ-11 jack
    3) A 12V LED, 24V LED, or even AC 120V lamp gets switched on via relay
    4) The device remains lit/active until I flip a switch/push a button turning it off

    I can find many devices which will flash in synchronization with the cadence of the phone ringing.

    I am trying to find something which will trigger the device to remain on until I toggle it back off.

    1) Does anyone here know of such a device?
    2) Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    I would settle for someone saying "Buy this part and this part and this part" and then I can find someone to assemble it.

    For example, this device looks close to what I want; however, I have no idea how to reset the state when I want to turn the light/lamp/LED back off.
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