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Thread: Hardcore UV Light

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    Default Hardcore UV Light

    Hey Guys,
    I am looking for a cheap diving light.

    The requirements would be:

    UV function
    red light function
    operated with 18560 battery
    something like 4,000 lumens

    The biggest problem is that i didnt find a Light with a strong UV function. I want to do UV fluo night dive and dont like this 2m light circel. It has do be stronger !
    If there is no light i also would have no problem with building on. But again i cant find good UV Leds.

    Sorry that i open the thread here but i think this section is better than the watersport etc.

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    Default Re: Hardcore UV Light

    I moved your thread to the Dive Lighting forum... cuz... well... that's where it belongs! Welcome to CPF! - - Going forward, please do not just post wherever you think is better. There are specific forums for specific topics. Please use them. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Hardcore UV Light

    I'm thinking you might want an HID dive lamp with a Woods Glass or dichroic UV-pass filter in front of it. I don't have a specific model in mind, but if I was doing this, that's what I'd look for. UV exploring is fun!

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    Default Re: Hardcore UV Light

    Hi toni, and welcome to the forum!

    Unfortunately, I have bad news for you. Your requirements are mutually incompatible.

    Cheap + dive light = garbage
    UV + red = expensive
    4000 lm + 18650 = very short runtime
    any lm + UV = impossible
    4000 lm + red + 18650 = very, very short runtime (minutes)
    4000 lm + red = expensive

    You may have seen relatively inexpensive diving lights advertised as 4000 lm, but most of these specs are total fiction. Many low-end vendors claim 2-3 times the true output, some even more.

    Since any pure UV light is, by definition, zero lumens, you have to talk about power output (typically in mW). There's been some discussion of UV LED lights on CPF, specifically for fluorescence. I don't specifically recall which forum, but you should be able to find it in either Diving, LEDs, or DIY Flashlights.

    Red is still measured in lumens, but the human eye sensitivity varies greatly from 635 nm (the orange end of red) to 700 nm (almost infra-red). Even very optimistically, to get 4000 lm of red at 635 nm, you'd need over 50W. At 650 nm, which is really more red, you'd need over 100W.

    Even if you were talking white, 4000 lm is still 28W (assuming 140 lm/W). Even that is not going to happen in an inexpensive light running on a single 18650.

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