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Thread: Astrolux MF04S vs The BLFGT!

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    Default Astrolux MF04S vs The BLFGT!

    Hi all,

    Hope you enjoy the show

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    Default Re: Astrolux MF04S vs The BLFGT!

    THANKS Matt. Your always on top of things I want to see.

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    Default Re: Astrolux MF04S vs The BLFGT!

    Awesome. Was searching for this video yesterday Seems like it drop a load of throw with the XPH70.2. Makes me want to try the original BLF GT. Did you try to dedome the mf04s or MF02S? Did I it improve throw a lot?

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    Default Astrolux MF04S vs The BLFGT!

    Great look at both, thanks

    I think if you had the short tube on the GT people would feel they’re even closer in looks, however they look nothing alike. Once makers see that customers are ordering the grande size then obviously they will follow suit and add their own flavor.

    I think that a closer visual match is the Mateminco MT35Plus and the MF04S, they’re really close. Haven’t looked how the performance differs or which came first between those two.

    It’s good to see the hotspot sizes and color temp differences in the video. Banggood offers 5000k and 6000k. I’d really like to see a warm emitter; they’re supposedly more efficient now so why so few offered, I’d be all over it.

    I’d prefer the MF04S if I’m going to light up the ridge behind my house, and that’s a really nice coupon code for banggood thanks..I’d like a coupon to speed them up a little too lol
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    Default Re: Astrolux MF04S vs The BLFGT!

    Mateminco and Astrolux are often the same exact light with different brandings.

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