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Thread: LED Spot Light Mod Questions

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    Default LED Spot Light Mod Questions

    Found this host at work, drivers toast.

    Can someone suggest a setup that could get me a lot of lumens.

    I’ve looked in Cree’s Website but, much like Donny, I’m a little out of my element.

    Wanting some serious lumens but I understand heat will become an issue. Which led should I go with for, bright as possible while still being able to move the light and touch the handle without needing gloves, decent CRI (doesn’t need to be perfect, just not a complete white wash).

    Switch, should it be changed

    Driver, want to keep 120v outlet setup.

    Any help is appreciated, thought I could make this a sweet work light with little effort.
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    Default Re: LED Spot Light Mod Questions

    At up to 10,000 lm (LED) or even more, neither of these lights should be a problem to handle, as the heat doesn't transmit well to the handle.

    That's not to say that either can be operated reliably at anywhere close to that level.

    Ultimately, what this light is going to be capable of is primarily dependent on the heatsinking capability. The better the light can shed heat to the atmosphere, the more light it can produce reliably for a long term. Some more info on the LED mounting and heatsinking would be very helpful.

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