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Thread: 18650 power cell recommendations

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    Default 18650 power cell recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a quality 18650 cell to replace the Muyshondt 18650 Power Cell? I plan to use it in a MK.1 Flieger that I just received from a fellow forum user. It seems like Muyshondt jacks up the price on their 18650 just because of brand recognition. I don't see any reason to spend extra for a fancy label. Unless I am mistaken ... I dunno. The specs list it as a 3400 mAh, protected cell battery. I don't know much about protected cell circuitry, so if anyone has any knowledge on the subject, please do let me know. All I can gather is that it has something to do with keeping accidents like overcharging and shorting from happening. Sounds fairly important, but again I don't have much experience here. I heard that it can be a double edged sword as well. Supposedly, a non-protected cell takes longer to discharge when not in use, for instance.

    Also, I have no idea what type of charger I should buy, so if there are any ideas out there I would greatly appreciate it.


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    Default Re: 18650 power cell recommendations

    If the light was designed for a protected battery then it is probably smart to keep on using one. I have 29 quality protected 18650s in my battery database from reputable US dealers. They start at $4.50 and the median price is $9. The best value imho is the $6.50 3500mAh protected MJ1 from Illumn.

    Illumn has chargers too. A good all around option is the $14 Nitecore i2.
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    Default Re: 18650 power cell recommendations

    If it's 3400 mAh most likely it's a Panasonic NCR 18650B,great battery.I like the Xtar VC2 Plus charger.

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    Default Re: 18650 power cell recommendations

    Relatively new to the game, but recently bought a Flieger without a battery. I read another review on CPF that some flat top batteries won't work. I took a look at the Olight 18650 on account of Prometheus Light's current recommendation as their replacement to AW and went with it.

    The Olight 18650 works totally fine, and the protection circuits eliminate my paranoia. Not cheap I suppose, but may be easier to source than from Muyshondt. I think the reassurance is worth the extra cost.

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    Default Re: 18650 power cell recommendations

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    Default Re: 18650 power cell recommendations

    They make the Panasonic NCR 18650B with flat top or button top,protected or unprotected.Odds are if it's a 3400 mAh battery it's a rewrapped Panasonic.

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