Hi Guys,
After getting the Mahi heads machined I found I wanted a couple battery paks for myself that had a similar set of triangular milled pockets on them. I just like the way they feel in hand. I knew they would be expensive due to the machine time required for milling the pockets out. These paks can't be justified in terms of a functional improvement and strictly either appeal or not to the individual based on cosmetic and/or tactile merit. They have some more mass to them so the thermal capacity has been increased some. It would have been very expensive to just have a few machined so I did opt for a small run of them and am offering them at a price based on the added machine time required and expense to me. I kind of doubt that there will be an additional run of them but I won't rule it out completely. The stock and original titanium 1x123 pak has a price of $170 and these "Tri Paks" have a price of $235. I have photographed them with the various compatible heads to show how they look.

I initially thought about offering a limited run of this pak with the Mahi head and a HIVE light engine hosting a XP-L (HI) LED which I i picked up in a limited quantity as well. But I figured it would be more in keeping and probably easier in the ling run to just add the pak and the XL-L HI LED's to the offering and let the chips fall where they may.

The details on the XP-L HI I am working with are that they are 4250K CCT and min 80 CRI. Flus is 380 - 424 lumens (@ 1050 mA) I am charging $5 more for the XP-L (HI) puting its price as the same as the XML2 option.

I believe I have correctly changed the tables in the Pricing and offering thread to indicate these additions.