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Thread: Cheers to Olight

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    Buttrock Cheers to Olight

    I bought an original S30R Baton in 2015. The model with the common tailcap problem.

    (For those who are unaware, the light has magnetic charging. It works by pushing in a pin to break the circuit and insert the charger into the circuit. Problem is the contact between the parts in the tailcap corrodes over time (seems to be galvanic corrosion) and the resistance increases, causing a loss of high/turbo modes. Cleaning works for a while but the light is unreliable.)

    I stopped using the light and relegated it to backup duty only because of the unreliability, kind of gave up on it. I contacted Olight recently and they replied within a couple of days, and sent me a brand new S30R Baton III (redesigned to fix the problem) to replace the defective light via next day shipping.

    They truly stand behind their 5 year warranty.

    Cheers, Olight!

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    Default Re: Cheers to Olight

    +1 to that. They have replaced for me a failed and phased out model with a new better equivalent.

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    My current favorite flashlight for night walks is an M23 Javelot, replacing the M21 Marauder I used for years. The assembly in the Javelot's tail cap broke and wasn't reparable. I've had the light for just under one year. I sent an email to Olight support on Sunday night, Dec. 23, asking how to go about getting a replacement tailcap. I got an automated response saying they would be closed from Dec. 24 through Jan. 2, which is perfectly reasonable, and I didn't expect an answer until after that. But I got an email at 9:00 p.m. on Christmas day(!) saying they would send a replacement if I would provide a shipping address. I did, and they did. It arrived today, Jan. 2. That's really exceptional customer service. Kudos to Olight!


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