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    Default TLX P6 Series

    We have some of the new TLX-P6 series for sale at a nice discount. This is one of our latest creations and folks seem to be enjoying them. Before putting these on the site, we thought it would be fun to offer a few at a
    discount here at CPF. Here are the specs and some images.... PM me if you want one. THANKS TO ALL!


    Here are the specs...

    LED... XPL-HI ...
    Lumen... 1095 at the emitter
    Tint... 6500K
    OP Reflector...
    AR Glass Lens...
    Driver... Qlite
    Mode... 3 but will set for you as you like
    Battery... 18650 unproteced (Not Included)

    Length... 5"
    Largest Head Diameter... 1.340"
    Largest Tail Diameter.. 1.24"
    Material.. 7075 Aluminum

    The TLX-P6 is based on a P-60 but we have, "As usual", changed things up a little in our design. These have a really nice throw and hot spot with a good spill. Easy to Mod if you want. Enjoy!

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