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Thread: Lodge Cook-it-all & pizza

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    I just got back from a camping trip. I got to use my new Lodge Cook it all. It's big and heavy, so it's only appropriate for car camping. Supposedly you can use it as a big griddle, as a grill, and as a wok of sorts. The only reason I got it was for making pizza. It works great. The top has ridges to hold charcoal briquettes. I just covered the top and bottom with them and let it heat for about 10 minutes, then cooked my pizza just like at home.

    If you want to be able to cook pizza while camping, this is a great solution.

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    Default Re: Lodge Cook-it-all & pizza

    I just had to google what it was. It looks like a good bit of kit. I've improvised something similar before by using 2 frying pans, one on the bottom and another upside down as a lid!

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    I've used a dutch oven in the past. What's cool about this (for me, anyway), is the ability to put a normal size pizza pan in it.

    I should have included a link to the company's website. It has photos of it being used in various ways.

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