Just chiming in, I am looking at getting this just for the updated LED. I have had an H502c for well over 3 years now. It is by far my "favorite" flashligt. It just does things that nothing else I own can. The cri was great, hardly any different from the 219 as far as I could tell even though it was only 80+ back then. The output was only 190 lumens max, I guess it depends on use case but for me it is enough almost all of the time. Enough to spotlight deer, or bats? No, of course not. Bright enough to walk around and work with your hands, or light up a big backyard to moonlight levels? Absolutely. I still use the light daily for writing in my journal and reading. It tailstands so I can set it up pointing at a wall or area. I use the 0.01 level the most late at night/ early in the morning, the 3 lumen level in the evening, the .25 level when writing or reading for extended times. Anything above that is great for walking around outside or working in enclosed areas.

That being said, if you find it not bright enough I would reccomend the 18650 eqivalent, pocket sun. I have one and it is a pocket worklight.

So if you are looking for the perfect close up, pocket reading light, bunker survival light this is the light for you. If you are looking for the smallest brightest light possible then look somewhere else. Funny that 150 lumens out of any light blew minds not so long ago, and now a high CRI 200 lumen tiny light is not enough?

Here are some cousins doing some night drawing in an unlit part of the house.