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    We're introducing the newly upgraded S2R Baton II.
    November 9th, 2018 ALL DAY! You can get the S2R II at 30% OFF!​
    The S2R Baton II is the upgraded version of the popular S2R Baton predecessor.
    It has a compact build (5% shorter than S2R Baton) for easy grip and portability.
    The light can produce a maximum output of 1,150 lumens including an upgraded TIR lens that produces a perfectly balanced beam.
    It has several modes to choose from including three standard modes, turbo, moonlight, and strobe.
    The S2R Baton II features a battery indicator located on the side switch so you always know when to charge. It boasts a new MCC II magnetic charging system to ensure faster charging in a smaller form factor.
    The S2R II also features a BLUE dual direction pocket clip for enhanced everyday carry.

    Hit the link for more details!

    S2R-II -1140-405.jpg

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    Very nice!!

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    Here are measurements taken with the Texas Ace Lumen Tube calibrated with Maukka lights. Readings taken at 2 seconds.

    Olight S2R Baton II Copper Turbo 1,291 lumens 6703K 0.0007 DUV 66.9 CRI -28.0 R9 40.7 R12 61 Rf 97 Rg

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    I just ordered the Ti model. Should be here today. It is my first Olight.

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