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Thread: Hold the button down = more light?

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    Default Hold the button down = more light?


    I have a ledlenser T7M, there is a thing i dont understand about the button.

    Is it normal, that when you hold the button completely down, it give more light/power? When i do that on my ledlenser it give more light, when i release the button so it is just on, i can see the light fall a tiny bit.

    I'd rather hold the button in to give a little more power when i use it, but now i was thinking if there was something wrong with it?

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    Default Re: Hold the button down = more light?

    Sounds like the switch isn't making optimal contact when you switch it on. Not sure how this switch functions, but it seems like holding it down makes a better contact and allows for an increase in current.
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    Default Re: Hold the button down = more light?

    I started my flashlight obsession when my father in law gave me my first Led Lenser light. At one point I had 9 or 10. 7 of them had switch failures between 18 months & two years. They are not easily repaired(in my humble opinion). I am unaware of any of their lights that might have a “Turbo” mode-that’s the only other possible explanation I could think of-perhaps an email to them to ask might be a good idea....

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    Default Re: Hold the button down = more light?

    That used to be known as turbo before the days of 658 lumens from a triple A for 18 seconds then 49 lumens steady.

    My P7 does reverse clicks. Push for turbo, release to on, push again for turbo, release for low.
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    Default Re: Hold the button down = more light?

    Yes it's turbo , half press & hold for momentary turbo (300 lumens ish ) press all the way to the click for high (250 lumens ish).

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    Thx, turbo mode.. I had not read that anywhere with a T7M. But it must be that

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