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Thread: MX25L2 LUST!!

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    Default MX25L2 LUST!!

    This thread is about the MX25L2 both original SST90 emitter as well as the new MX25L2 Compact with 3xXP-L HI emitters. I have had the SST90 MX25L2 for oh 5 years or so. It is a BEAST. Got the HUGE turbo head for it. The BEAM out of that light with the turbo head on it looks so solid it is like you could almost reach out and feel it.

    NOW-New MX25L2 Compact. A full inch SHORTER than the original MS25L2, a LOT BRIGHTER AT MAX and throws roughly as far as the SST90 variant with the turbo head ON.

    Basic pics for now night time pics over the next couple days. Lets keep building the EagTac section of the forum! There are a LOT of people out there that have EagTacs. Post em up!


    The boxes both MX25L2's came in were too large to keep for reference so I used other EagTac boxes to prompt the brand here.

    [IMG][/IMG]The very unique triple reflector 3x XP-L HI MX25L2 Compact on the left and the HUGE and DEEP reflector of the original MX25L2 with huge SST90 emitter.



    Original MX25L2 SST90 with the HUGE turbo head on.

    With turbo head attached the SST90 MX25L2 becomes "el Kabong". The BEAM that comes out of the turbo head is the thickest beam I have yet seen come out of any LED light.

    Night photos over the next couple of days!

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    Default Re: MX25L2 LUST!!

    ^ Lookin forward to beam shots of triple and turbo👍

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