Hey guys sorry in advance if this is in the wrong forum. Alright donít laugh, I got the highest rated camera app for the iPhone. you can adjust most of the stuff on a regular camera with adjustable settings. Just was curious for the proper ISO, shutter speeds, K, Tint, and whatever else affects the Camera quality shots. Iím thinking maybe beam shots from 5M, 25M, and 100+M. Not even sure what to set up, the app is comes with a good amount of settings. The app is ProCamera. Iím going by what they app description says but Iíve been messing with it and it has a lot of settings actually.
-focus and exposure adjustments
-exposure time, ISO sensitivity, white balance
-self timer & intervalometer
-digital zoom
-exposure compensation, exposure circle, manual focus
I think that covers about everything. Not to say this is the equivalent to a real camera, BUT, do you think it will do a decent job for beamshots At different distances? Thanks -blglov