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Thread: Looking for 150W handlheld spot light 24V

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    Default Looking for 150W handlheld spot light 24V

    I have a customer looking for a non-battery powered portable light, 150 W Xenon, 24V DC (military application). ITLasers used to make a comparable product (SET BEAM) but they are out of business. I found comparable product for marine applications but they are fixed position lights. Any help appreciated.

    The information I have on original light:

    Technical Specification
    900 lux (min) at 40 m (narrow beam)
    1.0° to 2.5° + SPOT position
    150 W short-arc Xenon lamp, IR Filter (Optional)
    830 nm cut-on
    24V DC standard; high-e‑ciency power switching regulator type
    7 ashes/sec Thermal Protection Power cut-owhen Power Supply Unit temperature exceeds +63°C.
    Searchlight 320 x 135 x 92 mm
    Power Supply
    160 x 110 x 230 mm
    Remote Control Unit
    119 x 32 x 76 mm
    3.2 kg
    Power Supply
    3.5 kg
    Remote Control Unit
    0.5 kg
    Complies with MIL-STD-810

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    Default Re: Looking for 150W handlheld spot light 24V

    How about the Megaray 175 Watt SA light? It's not a perfect fit but close. Up to a 30-Volt input Voltage, I believe 2 degree beam is minimum expanding to flood, uses a tether to attach to power. When you say "portable" but "non-battery powered", do you mean powered by a long tether or cord that would plug into a military vehicle electrical system?

    Other than that, I am not aware of anything fitting the bill.
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    Default Re: Looking for 150W handlheld spot light 24V

    Yes, I meant plug into a military vehicle electrical system. MR175 meets nearly all of the customer's criteria. Thanks!

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