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Thread: Scuabpro Module Light - cable repair

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    Default Scuabpro Module Light - cable repair

    I have a Scubapro Module LED light bought second hand that has developed an intermittent fault that looks like a cable core has become damaged at one of the gland connectors. Does anyone have experience of opening these up or better still in successfully repairing one?

    I understand it was manufactured by Green Force, but the connector does not look the same - similar, but not the same - as the pictures of Green Force connectors I have seen on this site.

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    Default Re: Scuabpro Module Light - cable repair

    From the pictures that I can find on the web yes it looks like the Greenforce style cable connections so I would look very close to find a "split line" where the two parts can get unscrewed.
    At the Greenforce connectors its hidden under one of the O-rings maybe also at your Scubapro light.
    You could post some close up pictures from your light so that we can have a better judgement :-)

    At the Greenforce lights its very common to have a broken cable due to the O-ring pressing on the cable and the user constantly wiggling, at the first O-ring the cable cracks.

    To me fixing this looks like an easy job.
    Good luck.
    Kind regards,

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