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Thread: How to run a led using only 67 microwatts input ?

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    Default How to run a led using only 67 microwatts input ?

    Hello to all !

    I wish to know if someone can tell me how to run a led using onl 67 microwatts input using electronic circuit.
    I know that , first question it will be why you wish to do that ?
    I am looking forward to design a functional toy ) a motor generator ) which can spin quite fast and which can make also a led glows using a single small solar panel Vimun SC - 3012 exposed in artificial light ( from an office calculator) input max 67 microwatts.
    Untill now everybody told me there is no converter (step up booster, joul thief, etc) which can start at that input
    Regarding the mentioned project " a mechanical booster " I am in this point :
    The motor test 1 :

    The motor generator test 1.

    input : DC 1.25 V X 0.054 ma
    output : DC 2,08 V
    the led is from a scanner lamp
    Many thx

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    Default Re: How to run a led using only 67 microwatts input ?

    I don't know if this helps, but here is a link to a voltage booster that will start at 40mv. They have a few options in this range.

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    Default Re: How to run a led using only 67 microwatts input ?

    Hi, and welcome to the forum!

    That's an interesting motor you show there. I wouldn't exactly call it "quite fast", but it's cool for a science experiment!

    If you want it lit continuously, 67 uW isn't going to make any LED very bright. If you can live with the very low brightness, there are circuits that can boost the 1.25V or so from the solar cell to the slightly higher voltage needed to light the LED. There may well be some LEDs that will light directly off the solar cell output. My guess is that for direct drive, red colors would be your best bet, while for boosted voltage green is probably best.

    If you can pulse it, there are circuits that can operate on that kind of power and build up energy to discharge in a brighter flash, over and over.

    Are you trying to light the LED and run the motor? That would be harder.

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