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Thread: Pocket clip for SureFire Fury DFT?

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    Default Pocket clip for SureFire Fury DFT?

    Just received a Ti pocket Clip for my SureFire Fury DFT as I plan to EDC it.

    Unfortunately, it's too small as apparently the DFT body has a wider circumference compared to the normal Fury to accommodate the 18650.

    Anyone have a source for pocket clips on this larger bodied Fury?

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    Default Re: Pocket clip for SureFire Fury DFT?

    Back up for this one......anyone have a clip for DF fury

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    Default Re: Pocket clip for SureFire Fury DFT?

    The DFT is tough because of the body diameter and the new tailcap design does not allow the use of those clips that relied on the body of the light to mate with the tailcap. I have a solution, though. Streamlight's Protac HL-USB light has a removable body attached pocket clip. It snaps onto the Fury DFT's body without too much issue. I've had it on for a long time, without any fear of loss. The Streamlight part number is: 880159, and it's available from Brightguy.
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