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Thread: E01 or bust

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burgess View Post
    While I certainly DO like
    my Fenix E05 (multi-mode) flashlights,
    I am a bit disappointed to find
    they simply GO OUT when battery
    is exhausted, with no warning at all.

    < sigh >

    Just something to keep in mind . . . .
    Not on mine. Just this morning I was using it. I have the 1st level, the 2nd level barely looked and brighter. Going to level three made for no light at all.

    I replaced the battery and all is well.
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    Default Re: E01 or bust

    Hmmmm . . . .

    Interesting !

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    E05 ordered. I read it has sudden shut off when fuel cell reaches a minimum amount so no more vampire. I can live with that.

    When I enquired about Ray Ban origin at my favorite sunglass salon it was a few years ago. I called the store this morning and they told me they don't sell non Italian made Ray Bans based on customers insistance.

    So I'm down to a pair of NIP E01's and two users. If the E05 sucks, I still have plenty of the E01's for a while (since Fenix has decided to stop making them).
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    E05 arrived. 'snot an E01, but 'snot bad either.

    My stock olive E01 can go back to shelf queen status again. Mrs Fixer confiscated my purple one that was sanded to be floody.

    Beam-wise the E05 is what the 01 was lacking spread-wise and tint-wise.

    I really like the 8 lumens at startup Fenix engineers. Well done.
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    Default Re: E01 or bust

    With all this love being expressed for the E01, I think I'll just wait a year or so before offering my new in box gold E01 for $100 or thereabouts. (Insert evil laugh here...)

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