I have been going back over the forum to find the smallest brightest incan EDC made, but all of them seem to be Mag based and not so small. I'm talking more than 20 Watts bright.

Has anyone done this? What was it based on?

Anyway, I am having a go myself - "Operation Handwarmer" has started. Basically components are:

2 x 18350 Vapcell IMR (new high current high capacity cells)
6 Volt 20 Watt MES halogen overdriven to 7.5 - so 26 or so Watts (like R.O.P. High). 7.6 Volts + 3.5 Amps + 26 Watts. Tested to 8V, 3.6A = 29 Watts (fresh batts).
Old No.8 host torch with adjustable cammed reflector with resistance fixes.
So 10+ Minutes of white hot incan goodness.

These No.8 torches were popular before the 1960's in the UK (and maybe elsewhere). Tiny things, about 4.5" long and slim apart from the reflector.

And that's basically it! I tested with my PSU while I wait for the batteries and it is amazing bright - and because the torch is 100% metal apart from the fibre insulator the only limit is how much heat you can hold but I will limit it to 1 minute 'burns' to keep things under control!

So if similar has been done before I would love to read about it.

If I take pictures of the build what is the best way to share them here? Can I upload direct?