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Thread: XHP70 12V not electrically isolated

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    Default XHP70 12V not electrically isolated

    Bummer just cooked two XHP70 chips learning that when configured in 12V mode they are not electrically isolated from the base. I had 4 XHP70s in series for a mega flashlight I am putting together and when powered on it destroyed two of the 4 units. Just keep this in mind when building high power XHP70 based lights in the future.

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    Default Re: XHP70 12V not electrically isolated

    Too bad about the cooked chips.

    It isn't impossible to keep them isolated from the base and still connect in series. It's only recommended that you design your board to connect it that way. Of course it's so much easier that most commercially available boards will do it that way. If you found one that was configurable for 6V or 12V, it would likely be isolated.

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