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Thread: Ronson windlite wick and petrol disassembly help

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    Default Ronson windlite wick and petrol disassembly help

    I was recently gifted a Ronson Windlite lighter with original packaging and such. In attempting to replace the flint and put fuel in the lighter I've found that the base cannot removed after turning the screw. According to the included instructions, one full turn to the left should be all that's required. After a lot frustration and searching through youtube and these forums (including a Windlite disassembly for a butane type) I've come to this forum to see if anyone out there knows why the base won't come off.
    The lighter is a Windlite and by the look of the instructions its from the 50s or 60s.
    The problem to be solved is the base and fill valve screw will not come off even after turning it one full turn to the left.

    Thank you for any and all help.

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    Default Ronson windlite wick and petrol disassembly help

    I canít think of a reason that it wouldnít come apart. : (. Now that Iíve looked at which one you have.
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