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Thread: Irobot Roomba anyone?

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    Default Irobot Roomba anyone?

    So my sis-in-law was telling my wife how wonderful her irobot roomba 530 is. Now my sweet wife wants one. Any candlepowerforums has one? And what in the world is the roomba 530? I've checked their website about the products and they're more roombas! If any has a roomba ... would like to hear some thoughts on that.

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    Default Re: Irobot Roomba anyone?

    Your second post had been a quote but edited to include a product link. Any advice? Yes. This is primarily a portable lighting forum. You've been here a week and only have posted about roombas. Not sure why you'd come here for that, unless you're trying to shill for them for some reason. I hope you're here to participate in lighting discussion too!
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