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Thread: Milwaukee M12

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    Default Milwaukee M12

    I bought my wife a Milwaukee M12 heated hoodie. I am just wondering who else is using these? Also, which battery pack and which charger do you prefer?

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    Default Re: Milwaukee M12

    Ok this is hilarious. So my father, who's 65, showed me these on his computer... this way of telling me he thinks they're cool. I just said "hmm" while I rolled my eyes to myself.

    In all seriousness, they ARE a good idea. I checked out the link you posted but even they don't really go too much into detail, and I've never seen these in person. Do the electronics and heating elements come out so you can wash the jacket? How long does it take to warm up to its normal operating temperature?

    I bet these jackets would be great for those who live in super cold places like the Northeast or Great Lakes area, especially when doing errands outside. Though, I would recommend against using these in situations where failure would leave one in a dangerous situation. An example would be going camping in freezing temps, or driving somewhere remote and potentially getting stuck/broken down in the cold.

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    Default Re: Milwaukee M12

    Iíve been using the heated Milwaukee jackets for the past 6 years. With the 2 amp hour battery, both zones (pockets and body area) on high, the battery runs a bit over 2-1/2 hours. There are three temperature settings. The jacket takes 3-5 minutes to fully warm up, and gets to 95f.

    Milwaukee makes a 4 amp hour battery in the M12 line, but itís close to the size of the M18 battery. My M12 tools, ratchet, bendy light, IR thermometer, are all lower power demanding, so the 4 amp hour battery isnít something Iím interested in. Milwaukee does make a M18 battery converter that has the plug in for the coat as well as a USB port. With the 5 amp hour battery, youíll get better than 5 hours on high using both heating zones.

    The heating elements are graphite and arenít replaceable.

    In minus 10f weather, running my snow blower, you stay nice and warm.

    If youíre invested in Milwaukee power tools, itís a good fit. Black&Decker DeWalt recently came out with heated jackets also, but I donít know how extensive their line is.
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    Default Re: Milwaukee M12

    I use the M12 heated hoodie, under a jacket.

    Pretty sure I'd be fine in Antarctica with this same setup. Wife laughs at me, I'm warmer than her... Wait, she's inside all day LOL..

    Not 100% sure on what you're exact question is.. I have much experience with M12 tools and the heated hoodie (not jacket) so feel free to ask away!

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    Default Re: Milwaukee M12

    all my tools are Milwaukee. I even have 2 Heated Jackets.
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