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Thread: Vehicle Interior light upgrade!

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    Default Vehicle Interior light upgrade!

    I recently made a simple, relatively cheap purchase, to upgrade the interior lights of my Toyato Tacoma. Yeah, I'm now a Taco Guy! Regardless...the vendor isn't a part of CPF, so I will no mention anything about them. There are several folks that make interior light LED replacements. I posted on the CPF FB page, and found that at one time even Malkoff made them. Kinda wish I had known back then...

    Anyhow, to the meat and potatoes...

    I can't upload pics to be viewed here directly, so here is the Before, and After pics.

    I have to say, that LED's are not only great for flashlights, from Malkoff, to Olight, to Zebralight, but great for the offroad truck as well.

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    Default Re: Vehicle Interior light upgrade!

    Welcome back brother!

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    Default Re: Vehicle Interior light upgrade!

    I replaced the interior bulbs in my Camry with LED's. I am very impressed with how much brighter they are.

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