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Thread: Hybridlight 160 LED bad connection?

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    Default Hybridlight 160 LED bad connection?

    So I bought a Hybridlight 160 solar rechargeable flashlight in hopes of having it if the need arose where batteries and electricity were scarce. Decided to keep it on my dashboard so it'd always be charged and I'm thinking either it bounced too much on there (I used it less than a handful of times before the problem) or there's a factory issue because the led is at about 1% power, you can barely even notice it's on, unless I fidget with the led, I can push on it certain ways and it'll light up like it should but after a little bit goes back to the super dimness.

    I left it on that super dim for a week or longer trying to fully drain the battery to fully recharge it thinking that was the issue but the only way I get full light from it is messing with the led itself. I can't see any broken solder or loose connections just looking at it and don't want to break it by taking it apart because of the solar panel and stuff.

    Any suggestions on what I can try or how I can replace the bulb? Thanks in advance for your energy, I appreciate any help.

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    Welcome aboard. First thing is if you can move the led and it works then there is definitely something wrong. I would send it back hopefully it has some kind of warranty. Second thing is you shouldn't be able to move the led around.send her back if you can.
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