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I have a very random question.

Does anyone feel they are patriotic?
Hard to answer in a few sentences but sure, in a reservedly thankful and discerning way. I know that I could have been born anywhere and instead I was born here, in a nation with Judeo-Christian heritage and a Bill of Rights. I'm very thankful that my forefathers desired to exist without the fist of tyranny hanging above them. I'm still free to exercise what I consider to be God given rights as a human being. Free societies are very dependent upon self/individual-governance and as individuals continue to oppose objective moral standards, the freedoms that we've enjoyed will fade. With that stated, many people around the world experience unfathomable anguish, persecution and subjugation, at the hands of authoritarian political ideologies, rooted in the transgression of God's laws. On a national level, we've not endured this kind of overwhelming oppression and because of that, I'm patriotic but with thanksgiving.