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This latest flashlight has a maximum brightness of 5800lm and can run for 45 minutes at maximum brightness, which is undoubtedly a good equipment for divers. The device also has an OLED screen shows remaining working time. OLED screen enable 180° wide and helps you konw exactly how long the flashlight will work, much convenient for you to make your diving plans in advance. XTAR D36 5800 Available with Flood/Spot/Flood&Spot Light, and it simple two-button control for 9 light modes as floodoight, spotlight, floodlight+spotlight, blink and SOS.

It take excellently designed and high-quality battery pack. The battery pack is make of three 18650 batteries that have approximate performance, makes battery pack more durable and steady. It applies equializing charger and discharge, protects battery pack from over-charging and over-discharging and maximizes its lifespan. Waterproof IPX8 even on underwater 100 meters.

XTAR D36 5800 not only equip excellently designed and high-quality battery pack but also anti-corrosive material & Gold printed springs.

The XTAR carries the reverse polarity protection and intelligent temperature control of the current bright torch.

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