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Thread: NITECORE NTP30 "Titanium Bolt Action Tactical Pen"

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    Default NITECORE NTP30 "Titanium Bolt Action Tactical Pen"

    Titanium Bolt Action Tactical Pen

    The Nitecore NTP30 was sent to me directly by Nitecore for the review.
    For the technical characteristics of the product: https://flashlight.nitecore.com/product/ntp30
    For purchase: https://www.nitecorestore.com/NITECORE-NTP30-Bolt-Action-Tactical-Pen-p/...

    The Nitecore NTP30 Titanium Alloy Tactical Pen is a tactical pen made of Titanium TC4 alloy, CNC machined (computer numerical control), characterized by an excellent lightness, excellent resistance to impacts and corrosion.
    The Nitecore NTP30 is designed for self-defense, emergency escape and daily writing. It is equipped with the new "bolt-to-retractor" system, a tungsten steel tapered tip and a high-quality water-resistant German gel refill.


    Name: NTP30 Titanium Bolt Action Tactical Pen
    Usage: Self Defense, Tactical Use, Glass Breakage, Daily Writing
    Pen material: TC4 titanium alloy
    Tip material: Tungsten steel
    Length: 13.3cm (5.2 ")
    Diameter: 0.95cm (0.4 ")
    Weight including the cartridge: 27g (0.95 oz)
    Refill ballpoint pen: Schneider Gelion 39

    The packaging:

    Elegant the Nitecore NTP30 packaging that arrives in a semi-rigid black cardboard box. We see in the front the writing of the brand NITECORE, the name of the model NTP30 and the type of tactical pen TITANIUM ALLOY TACTICAL PEN. Then there is the design of the new NTP30.

    Inside we find the Nitecore NTP30 inserted inside a protective foam and above it a yellow card with the inscriptions that identify the main parts that distinguish the Nitecore NTP30.

    The NTP30 is the latest tactical pen from Nitecore. It is made of TC4 titanium alloy and machined by CNC machine, thus obtaining a light product with an excellent resistance to impact and corrosion. It holds well in your hand and is not heavy.

    The Nitecore NTP30 can be completely disassembled by unscrewing it. Even if I have not done so, you can also remove the bolt by unscrewing it.

    The threads of the unscrewable parts are sliding and machined and finished in an impeccable manner.

    On the tactical pen we find two writings engraved on the Nitecore logo and the NTP30 model.

    The internal ink cartridge for writing is of quality and is of German origin being the Schneider Gelion 39. The cartridge is resistant to water and fading as well as extreme temperatures. This cartridge allows a fluid and spotless writing even when traveling by car or plane. Although the NTP30 is compatible with other cartridges, the Gelion 39 can be found easily and at affordable prices.

    The clip inserted in the Nitecore NTP30 is also made of titanium alloy. Being rigid, it allows an easy and safe hooking in your pocket or shirt, backpack etc.

    Like everything else, the clip can also be removed by unscrewing the two fixing torx screws.

    N.B. Being the tip of the clip in contact with the body of the pen (above the writing Nitecore) you have to raise it slightly or remove it before unscrewing the body to access the selection system (pen / tip) to avoid scratching the body.

    The Nitecore NTP30 stands out from other products to be equipped with the exclusive bidirectional "Bolt-Action Retractor" bolt design system that allows you to quickly switch from the writing system to the self-defense system using the conical tip of which it is equipped.

    Equipped with a stable locking system, it can be operated quickly in its L-shaped groove to choose whether to use the pen or use the tungsten steel tapered tip.
    This tip has a high hardness measured from the Rockwell scale (89-92.5 HRA), which is positioned, as hardness, behind only that of the diamond. The tungsten steel, of which the tip is made, is notable for its strength as it can be used to cut the metal.

    Nitecore NTP30 grips well and does not slip, thanks to the anti-slip design on the body that facilitates grip even in difficult situations.

    Nitecore NTP30 together with other pens:

    Photo and Video of Nitecore NTP30 Titanium Bolt Action Tactical Pen:



    The Nitecore NTP30 "Titanium Bolt Action Tactical Pen" is a tactical pen built with quality materials like titanium and with a precise and imperfection-free processing. Beautiful to be seen writes well in all situations even in the most difficult. Holds well and can easily be stored in trousers, jacket, cases or backpacks.
    This new model of Nitecore is equipped with a new bidirectional design selection system that allows, in a simple and fast way, to switch from writing to self-defense in case of danger (for example just in case we need to break a window).
    Finally, the Schneider cartridge "Gelion 39 Ballpoint Pen Refill" of which the NTP30 is equipped allows you to write accurately and without smearing even in situations different from those to which we are accustomed.
    In conclusion I recommend the purchase of Nitecore NTP30 to those who need an instrument to always carry with them to write and, in case of need, for self-defense.
    Thank you for reading the review.

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    Default Re: NITECORE NTP30 "Titanium Bolt Action Tactical Pen"

    Just ordered this. Looking forward to receiving it. Thanks for the review!

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    Default Re: NITECORE NTP30 "Titanium Bolt Action Tactical Pen"

    Out of curiousity, what is the length of that tungsten stud and the dimensions of the hole it protrudes through?

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    Default Re: NITECORE NTP30 "Titanium Bolt Action Tactical Pen"

    Bought one, disappointing for being as expensive as a USA made pen. The bolt is very sloppy and binds, and there is some chatter on the barrel.

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    Default Re: NITECORE NTP30 "Titanium Bolt Action Tactical Pen"

    Quote Originally Posted by Thetasigma View Post
    Out of curiousity, what is the length of that tungsten stud and the dimensions of the hole it protrudes through?
    14x4 mm

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