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Thread: Oveready / Torchlab WASP set

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    Default Oveready / Torchlab WASP set

    Oveready WASP setup available




    WASP Head (see screenshot for stats)
    18350 body
    14500 body
    2x18650 body
    Smooth bezel with lens and gasket set
    Crenelated bezel with lens and gasket set (x2)
    Diamond milled tail
    Triad tail not tapped for clip (rare)
    ZeroRez thing
    Brass or copper spacer thing
    Spare tube loop cap for battery holder
    A whole bunch of extra O Rings and gaskets

    This was used and carried so expect blemishes or nicks/scratches. I tried to capture most marks. Please ask for more photos or videos if youíre unsure about anything.

    Price is $565 for the whole set. I have no desire to break it up right now. Feel free to offer trades but itís unlikely Iíll accept really.

    Price includes insured shipping and PayPal fees.
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    Default Re: Oveready / Torchlab WASP set

    That 14500 body looks wild ive never seen that one before glwys
    Thank you for showing me yet another variation of torch I didnt know about
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    Default Re: Oveready / Torchlab WASP set

    Very, very nice. looks like the sort of kit Q would supply to Bomd.
    Good luck, somone is going to be very happy with this.

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