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Thread: Is there a place to report moderators?

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    Default Is there a place to report moderators?

    Is there a place to report moderators to higher instances (whatever they are)? Because Virgil is outdoing himself in arrogance, deleting my post for one sole reason that I dared to disagree with his blatant and false statement, even though I'm the one providing the evidence, quoting regulations showing him he's wrong. That posts got deleted as well.

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    Default Is there a place to report moderators?

    Please contact Greta, site owner and Administrator directly. PM or email.

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    Default Re: Is there a place to report moderators?

    Phantom23 - Considering you have chosen to make this public, I will follow your lead and post my response publicly.

    After reviewing the deleted posts and also reading through both public and private communications between you and any/all moderators involved, it is obvious to me that you have chosen to disregard CPF Rules 4, 8, and 11 pretty consistently, as well as requests from moderators to conduct yourself in a more mature and thoughtful manner.

    My #1 rule in life is "Presentation is Everything". Please consider that in the future.

    CPF's Administrators and Moderators have been chosen for a reason. I do not trust and support them blindly and unconditionally though. In this case however, again after review, I fully support the actions of the moderators.

    Further actions on your part that require actions on ours will result in some time off from the forums.

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