On January 6, 2019, the grass volunteer association in shenzhen longhua district launched a "celebration of the 10th anniversary of the grass volunteer activities, and to participate in the grass issued by caring volunteers association and private enterprises social public welfare certificate, including electronic co., LTD. Of shenzhen X-ray in the gain annual celebration of love public welfare enterprise honorary title.

It is known that XTAR (xda) is an international brand company founded for 12 years, the enterprise is committed to the research and development and production of high-quality intelligent lithium battery charger and LED flashlight and other equipment research and development and production. With high standards of quality control, XTAR products have obtained all the major qualification certifications in the world, such as CE, UL,FCC, RoHS, etc. Meanwhile, XTAR's r&d arm has received more than 70 patents. The company not only provides OEM/ODM business for customers with special needs, but also provides professional one-stop customized service for all customers who need to solve problems of power supply, circuit, battery and charging. And "support the public welfare cause, to pass the love" is the XTAR (xda) brand for giving back to the community is committed to the purpose of the public welfare cause of love. XTAR provides a lot of support for helping the grass volunteers association.

In recent years, XTAR has been actively undertaking corporate social responsibility, giving full play to the advantages of private enterprises in capital, management and technology. While developing the company's brand industry, XTAR has made a lot of contributions to social charity undertakings and actively participated in various public welfare activities in shenzhen.

Private enterprises carry out charity activities, which change the single mode of relying on the government, and play an important role in expanding public welfare channels and fields, and actively promoting public welfare and charity work. The active participation of XTAR has played a leading and exemplary role for private enterprises and provided strong support for charity work.

Solving the problem of public welfare is not a one-man show of an enterprise. It needs to mobilize the whole society. XTAR calls on the whole society to participate. XTAR hopes to do its best to help more groups and regions improve their lives, put the "charity" activities into practice, and make positive contributions to a better society.

The XTAR charity was not a one-off, but a small part of its cause. Since its establishment, XTAR has always taken "fulfilling social responsibility" as its mission. While expanding the service field and improving the service system, XTAR strives to create the right direction with social significance and social value, and spares no effort to give back to the society with the spirit of benevolence on the road of innovative development.

As one of the most influential electronic technology brand companies in the world, XTAR pays special attention to the communication of social causes. Since its establishment, XTAR has been actively involved in charity activities and has done a lot of social welfare work. Start from oneself, undertake enterprise society responsibility, set up good social model. XTAR has been using its strong social responsibility to drive enterprises and individuals around it, and its extensive social influence has enabled more people to devote themselves to charity.

It is reported that XTAR has formed a stable public welfare pattern with its continuous participation in public welfare undertakings, and also promoted the overall upgrading of its own brand in providing quality services. XTAR has been actively exploring the broader connotation and extension of corporate social responsibility, striving to closely combine corporate development with social public welfare undertakings, so that social responsibility can continue to flow in the blood of corporate development.

Uphold and adhere to the heart of benevolence, and actively fulfill social responsibility. The person in charge of XTAR brand said that it will continuously sow the seeds of love in the innovation and development, come to the society from the society, make greater contribution to help more people, let enterprises and public welfare peers, let the love forever!