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Thread: SOLD Randall #19, 4.5" BUSHMASTER

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    Default SOLD Randall #19, 4.5" BUSHMASTER

    New from maker, 4.5 inch blade, blade thickness .22 inch, leather handle, leather sheath.
    Top cutting edge here not sharpening, to comply with the laws NY

    Designed by a professional woodsman for all-around camp and big game hunting purposes. Top of blade in front of hilt notched for thumb placement. The heavy-duty top cutting edge is especially suited for purposes that would dull the regular edge. An excellent big game skinning knife.
    Stainless steel:
    A special high carbon (1.00%) stainless steel not obtainable in ordinary knives. The same stainless steel specified by NASA for knives used by Gemini astronauts. Immune to the effect of saltwater.
    $460 worldwide shipping included

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    Default Re: WTS Randall #19, 4.5" BUSHMASTER

    Blade steel, and blade thickness?


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    Default Re: WTS Randall #19, 4.5" BUSHMASTER

    Thickness corrected, about the brand of steel I do not know - Randall called it "stainless steel" without specifying a particular variety. Different sources have different information. Most opinions agree that most of knives have 440B steel (or not lower in quality), but chances are they sometimes use 440C or something more modern.
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    Default Re: WTS Randall #19, 4.5" BUSHMASTER

    Sold, thanks all

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