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Thread: New Style Clip for the Universal Clip

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    Default New Style Clip for the Universal Clip

    Quote Originally Posted by Modernflame View Post
    Well you can't just leave us in suspense, can you?
    Well I’ve seen the clips online for the Fenix, Cree, or maglight lights or similar and some will clip around the HDS “waist”
    And I m thinking what if a clip similar to that could be made with a 2 part design (the clip and body area with a gap and 2 screw holes) on the upper part where it would circle the tail area and then a “front” cover where the screws would go through and connect that to the rear part therefore securing it to the light. Maybe rubber lining to prevent marks on the body and have the clip profile similar to the modoo clips... strong with large curve area so no holes in the jeans. I still like the idea of screw holes in the tail near the tailcap just under it.
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    Default Re: New Style Clip for the Universal Clip

    Redesigning the bezel with say a flat area with tapped holes or tapping into the light itself is really the only way I see a permanent solution to this problem. Both will never happen I believe. If a flat protruding area of the bezel was designed with a couple of tapped holes it could be used as a clip mount a bike mount a helmet mount etc etc.
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