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Thread: Dive Rite Rx2 diagnosis - help needed

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    Default Dive Rite Rx2 diagnosis - help needed

    I bought an Dive Rite rx2 LED that originaly turned on, it ran for about 10 minutes then went to low mode. Guy said battery was junk. I cycled the battery on a proper charger and it is holding 14.4v right now, but light wonít come on with battery. I put 12v from a car battery to leads and no light. Tested switch, it works. Took light head partially apart, I have 14v at the back of the head with switch on, and nothing at the led board.

    1. I canít for the life of me figure out how to get the ballast and heat sink out of this light head? Itís catching on something pretty stout. Need help on this!
    2. Every now and again I see the board flicker but infrequent? Root cause?
    2. Led board is 35mm, recommendations on upgrades while Iím in there?


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    Default Re: Dive Rite Rx2 diagnosis - help needed

    Hi !

    Try to make some good quality photos of critical points here , or in some other photo server and link it here. It is hard to prognoses some fault just from words.

    as i read about from Dive Rite rx2 LE you have NiMh which may suffer from memory effect but if you put on car battery ....? ( + and -pole were correct ? )

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