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    Historically one of my favorite light platforms was the D Cell Maglite. Lots of capacity, easy to use and due to the size hard to misplace. My main concern is leaking alkaline d cells. Now itís true that this can be completely avoided by storing empty but thatís also not very convenient. Only option I can think of is d to aa adaptors with L91s but thatís not very cost effective. Any other thoughts? Good quality adapters to use?

    Any thoughts on the least leak probe D cells?

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    Nimh Ds are about your only choice but not really cost effective IMO compared to investing in a better battery format and light.
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    Depends on size of your M*g, you can also use 26650 with matching bulb voltage.
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    There are several good options. For single AA adapters, the current Eneloop branded ones with the closed bottom work pretty good and there are 3AA to D Parallel that also work good although some can be a bit dodgy in quality (test them out before relying on them).

    Another option is NiMH D cells - I use 8000 mAh Tenergy Centuras and Soshine 11000 mAh's, with no issues with either, though I don't think they will keep up with Eneloops for low self discharge characteristics (probably best to charge them every 6 mo. or so).

    In a 3 cell light, Li-Ions are a good option as well - I sometimes run single protected 18650's in my 3 cell ML300 in adapters that I 3D printed, works great. And like running single AA's, a 18650 in adapters is a lot lighter than using alkalines or NiMH D cells.

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