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Thread: Review Nitecore SRT7GT Smartring Tactical Series

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    Default Review Nitecore SRT7GT Smartring Tactical Series

    Nitecore SRT7GT
    (XP-L HI V3, 3xRGB – 1xUV - 1x18650 2xCR123A/RCR)

    The Nitecore SRT7GT was sent to me directly by Nitecore for the review.
    For the technical details of the torch:
    For Purchase:

    The Nitecore SRT7GT is a tactical flashlight from Nitecore's SmartRing Tactical line. In this torch the UI is managed by a "3rd generation" rotating ring which allows to select the type of emitter that we intend to use and the level of light output. The Nitecore SRT7GT updates the SRT7 Revenge model a few years ago, implementing the Cree XP-L HI V3 led instead of the Cree XM-L2 T6 bringing the lumens from 960 to 1000. It also adds an ultraviolet emitter to the green, red and blue emitters . It also changes the color of the light on the head that turns blue instead of red. This torch is rated IPX-8 (waterproof and submersible up to 2 meters) and has a 1 meter impact resistance. The Nitecore SRT7GT is designed especially for law enforcement, hunting and tactical applications.

    Technical data and main features:

    LED: CREE XP-L HI V3 LED, 4 secondary color LEDs (red, blue, green and ultraviolet)
    Output / execution times (1x 18650):
    Turbo: 1000 Lumen / 1 hour 15 min
    Medium: 13 Lumens / 28 Hours
    Low: 3 lumens / 126 hours
    Ultralow: 0.1 lumen / 240 hours
    Red: 13 Lumens / 28 Hours
    Blue: 3 lumens / 26 hours
    Green: 19 lumens / 26 hours
    Ultraviolet: N / A / 26 hours
    Beam distance: 450 m
    Beam intensity: 50900cd
    Supported battery: 1 × 18650 (or 2 × CR123)
    Waterproof: IPX-8 (waterproof up to 2m submersible)
    Impact resistance: 1.5 m

    Select brightness levels and function quickly and easily by rotating an intelligent selection ring
    Infinite brightness adjustment from 0 to 1000 lumens
    9 quickly switchable functions to choose from
    The multi-function power indicator shows the low battery status
    Patented spring impact absorption mechanism with protection against polarity inversion
    Bidirectional clip in titanium-plated stainless steel
    The stainless steel retaining ring protects the core components from damage
    Tempered ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating
    Built in aeronautical quality aluminum alloy
    Robust military grade HAIII hard anodized
    Waterproof according to IPX-8 (two meters submersible)
    Shock resistant to 1.5 meters
    Tail stand capacity

    Dimensions and weight:

    Length: 6.22 '' (158mm)
    Head diameter: 1.57 '' (40 mm)
    Diameter of the tail: 1 '' (25.4 mm)
    Weight: 6.1 ounces (173 g) (without battery)

    The Nitecore SRT7GT near other torches. As you can see from the picture the SRT7GT is long enough to be 1x18650. This is mainly due to SmartRing.

    The Nitecore SRT7GT is sold in the classic yellow / black cardboard package. On the front side are highlighted the main features that distinguish this model as the CREE XP-L HI V3 LED, the 450 meters achieved by the light beam, the 1000 lumens of light output, the third generation of the SSR selector ring and LEDs multicolored UV, Red, Green and Blue.
    The new features of the SRT7GT are mentioned at the back.

    Inside the package we find:

    - SRT7GT
    - Holster
    - Lanyard
    - Tactical ring
    - Extra o-ring
    - Rubber button
    - Clip
    - Manual and Warranty.

    The manual (8 languages):

    The Clip supplied with the Nitecore SRT7GT is as long as the central body and is made of stainless steel. It is possible to insert it in different ways in the SRT7GT.

    In the package we also find the holster. This specially designed for the Nitecore SRT7GT is in cordura with velcro closure. At the back there is a D-ring at the top and a double loop in the middle, one of which is a tear-off closure. The Nitecore SRT7GT once inserted into the case remains stable without strange movements even if the tail remains out of the protection.

    The anodization of the Nitecore SRT7GT is of an opaque black and the writings are a beautiful white on a black background that is clearly legible.

    In the hands the Nitecore SRT7GT gives a sense of solidity and has an excellent grip due to the good ribbing on the body, in the tail and on the SmartRing.

    On the head of the Nitecore SRT7GT you can see the protective bezel of the anti-scratch optical glass with AR coating. Under the SMO dish and deep in the center is the well-centered CREE XP-L HI V3 (cool white) that produces a bright hot spot.

    The UV, Red, Green and Blue emitters are inserted into the main reflector, bringing some slight artifact into the crown around the spot that is a beautiful white with no particular tendencies.
    The discrete head allows the SRT7GT to have a good shot.

    On the head there is a small blue LED indicator. When the tail switch is activated, the indicator flashes every two seconds if we are in standby.
    The LED flashes every 2 seconds even when the battery level is below 50% when the light is running. When the battery is almost empty, it flashes quickly and the remaining battery life, before remaining in the dark, is about twenty minutes.
    The fast flashing indicating low battery does not work properly if you are using batteries other than 18650.

    The SmartRing is well accessible to the touch by having toothed grooves of different sizes. No problem finding it in the dark or when using gloves. The control ring allows infinite adjustment of the brightness of the main LED and turns with the right force having a smooth adjustment.

    The Nitecore SRT7GT consists of three parts: Head, Body and Tail.
    The central body is short and has a good thickness. The screw threads are triangular cut and are anodized to the tail for the physical block (partial rotation of the tail cap). The body tube has square cut wires without anodisation towards the head. In my example the threads are well lubricated.

    Both ends of the body have an o-ring against water infiltrations declared by Nitecore as IPX-8 (2 meters under water). In tests carried out by me the Nitecore SRT7GT has never had problems plunging the torch into the water.

    For the contacts we have a spring with a button and a plastic ring for the protection of the reverse polarity and a double spring plated in the tail. The Nitecore SRT7GT needs batteries with the button to work (button top).

    The Cigar grip tactical ring is made of plastic and can be added between the body tube and the tail cap. It has a hole for attaching the lanyard.

    The forward clicky switch on the tail cap needs moderate force to be operated. The Nitecore SRT7GT has a hole in the tail to put a lanyard and offers the tail stand capacity thanks to the particular U-shape of the tail.


    User Interface (UI).

    To switch ON: Press the button on the tailcap until a “click” is heard.
    To switch OFF: Press the button on the tailcap a second time until a “click” is heard.
    Momentary Illumination
    Momentary illumination can be achieved by switching the flashlight off and then half pressing and holding the tail switch. Release switch to turn the light off.
    Adjusting Output
    With the light turned on, slowly rotate the Smart Selector Ring (adjacent to the bezel) in a counter-clockwise direction to cycle through the following brightness levels:
    Beacon -> Police warning signal -> Blue mode -> Green mode -> Red mode ->Ultraviolet light-> Standby mode ->Infinite brightness modes -> Turbo mode -> Strobe mode.
    These modes may be cycled through in reverse by rotating the Smart Selector Ring in a clockwise direction.
    On each mode there is a ring lock. Unfortunately, the UV selector is located near the "Standby" mode. This can be misleading due to the weak output of the UV mode. I do not know any PWM effect visible on any level.
    Note: When in standby mode, the SRT7GT will draw a small amount of current from the battery to maintain the operation of its micro-processor. The blue power indicator located on the head portion will blink
    once every 2 seconds to serve as a positioning light when the torch is standing by.
    The SRT7GT come with a Advanced Temperature Regulation module, allowing the SRT7GT to regulate its output and adapt to the ambient environment, therefore maintaining optimal performance.
    Su ogni modalità si ha un blocco dell’anello. Purtroppo il selettore UV si trova vicino alla modalità "Standby". Questo può trarre in inganno visto la debole uscita della modalità UV. Non noto nessun effetto PWM su qualsiasi livello.

    Numerous accessories are available for the Nitecore SRT7GT:

    Beam, Runtime and Beamshot:

    In general the Nitecore SRT7GT beam is well made with a tight hotspot of a not too cold white. The crown is quite bright and white with a tendency towards yellow towards the edges. The auxiliary LEDs do not particularly affect the quality of the beam. The loose distance of the spill from the feet is about 100 cm.

    Different, of course, the quality of the beam of the auxiliary LEDs that do not pretend to illuminate in the distance.

    The runtimes were made with the Nitecore SRT7GT in TURBO mode using two different Nitecore batteries.

    I would like to point out that the values expressed by the graphs should be taken, above all, as a reference because they are made with different environmental means and conditions from those used in the laboratory.

    The power of the beam in candles is slightly lower than that declared by the house with both batteries used. The first test was made using a fully charged 3200 mAh (NL1832) Nitecore 18650 battery.
    The test was performed in a closed environment without forced ventilation. At minute 122 the flashing of the led became quick to indicate the near exhaustion of the battery.

    The second and third tests were made using a fully charged 3500 mAh 8A Nitecore 18650 battery (NL1835HP) with and without forced ventilation. At the end of the test the battery marked on 2.60 v.

    Beamshot e VIDEO:



    The Nitecore SRT7GT is still a excellent torch that has many functions including the main LED with infinitely variable adjustment and 4 auxiliary (UV, Red, Green and Blue), Police light, Beacon and Strobe. All this can be managed with a single magnetic selector "Smart Selector Ring".
    The SRT7GT grips very well with medium or large hands and thanks to the LED XP-L HI and the deep dish has a good shot and an exploitable spill. The excellent impermeability with the IPX8 degree of protection must also be taken into consideration.
    There is perhaps negative the low battery indicator works correctly only using 18650 batteries.
    Thank you for reading the review.

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    Default Re: Review Nitecore SRT7GT Smartring Tactical Series

    I wonder if the UV LED is brighter than the very dim one on the SRT9.

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    Default Re: Review Nitecore SRT7GT Smartring Tactical Series

    Quote Originally Posted by Beckler View Post
    I wonder if the UV LED is brighter than the very dim one on the SRT9.
    I think we will be on the same level.

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