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Thread: Custom 12V Power supply

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    Default Custom 12V Power supply

    This was my project for the day today(was trapped at home by the snow) It is a converted 300 Watt ITX mini power supply, but it still gives I think something like 28 AMPS of 12V, so it is perfect for my uses. I do everything with 12V because most gadgets I created eventually find use in my car, so it just makes things convenient. I did also standardize to PC based plugs(2, 6, 8pin) because they all can plug into each other and as long as I use the right gauge wire they have known wattage numbers. I also added a 12V lighter socket for testing convenience as well as a few micro style plugs that I use for smaller devices like low power LED strips

    15 by DragonSystems, on Flickr

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    I did something sort of similar!


    I didn't terminate in a cigarette plug, though. I have a bunch of banana plug connectors, and a variable voltage output.

    I have another project in the works that's similar to this one, too.

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    Good god man, that thing is outta control... I just wanted a quick and dirty high amperage 12v capability.. Im too lazy to build something like that.. you will find that while a lot of the stuff I produce is interesting, most of it is very simple because im rather impatient

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