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Thread: An Romantic gift for the Valentine's Day

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    Default An Romantic gift for the Valentine's Day

    Welcome here

    How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Would you like to share your Valentine’s Day feelings?
    Not only the above, but you can also share whatever you want.
    Happy Valentine’s Day to one of our sweetest blessings!

    XTAR D26 2500: Perfect partner for your diving and fishing, is coming up soon. Like a blooming rose
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    Default Re: An Romantic gift for the Valentine's Day

    I first met my wife on 2-7-1980. Our first date was 2-13-1980. On 2-14-1980, I showed up with a dozen long stemmed roses & a box of chocolates to accompany her to church. Knowing she was “The One”, I took my grand-parents wedding rings and had them resized and a larger diamond put in the wedding ring. Then on 3-13-1980(a Friday the 13th...Lucky for me)...I asked her out to dinner at a small cafe in the mountains of Southern California(Baker in the Forest, Idyllwild California). As I was driving up the mountain, I pulled over at Big Horn Sheep Overlook, a scenic lookout showing the vastness
    Of the Coachella Valley &
    Palm Springs where you often spot the rare Big Horn Sheep, . She said “are you crazy? We are going to be late for our reservation...I came over the passenger door of my car pulling out a hidden dozen long stemmed red roses, with the diamond ring inside one of the roses, went down on one knee and said “as the beauty of roses symbolizes our relationship thus far, may the diamond symbolize the strength and
    Longevity of our
    Marriage, will you marry me?”
    She said “yes” and we went on to the “real” reservation at the nicest restaurant in Idyllwild. We have been married since 4-3-1982 and I am so grateful every Valentine’s Day to be madly in love with and joyfully married to this amazing woman-she is the true
    “Light” in my life. In a way, a good marriage is like an XTAR product:
    A bright light to combat the darkness...
    A way to “recharge” when life is tiresome...
    A new and improved user interface keep things interesting and invigorating...
    A dependability that leads to peace of mind knowing that when things are getting crazy and real your back is covered....
    Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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