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Thread: Olight pl2 valkyre reliability

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    Default Olight pl2 valkyre reliability

    I have recently decided to purchase a weapon light for my handgun. My main requirement is reliability.

    How reliable is this light? I have seen posts of ppl clain it tend to fail under hard firing.
    It was making me wonder if this light worth looking into?
    Size and power seems great. Price as well.

    Anybody here have a long term testing it? And under extreme conditions?
    Appriciating any comment thanks.

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    Default Re: Olight pl2 valkyre reliability

    I've got two that I'm testing on a Glock 21, AR-15 and a Ruger PCC-9. Only a few hundred rounds so far, no failure yet.

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    Default Re: Olight pl2 valkyre reliability

    I saw a video on the lateboyscout on YouTube. In his the base did loosen up, but he tighten it and put loctite and it seemed to help. I do own one, bit haven't been able to test it that much.

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    Default Re: Olight pl2 valkyre reliability

    I have 2, so far so good. One on a PCC and 1 on a Glock 19x...

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