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    Hi everyone. New to the forum. I need a little schooling. Iím trying to make a set of led whips. Not because itís cheaper, but I like learning as I go. Iím looking at the ws2812 led light strips, but like the ws2813ís for the fact that if one led goes bad the rest will work. Not sure who makes a good one. The ones Iím looking at are ip65 rated. Iím looking for a WiFi led controller that can be shrink tubed to the base of the whip. If I use two of them can they be synced? Also going from 12v to power these what would I need? Thanks.

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    This is the whip Iím trying to make, but of better quality. The controller Iím thinking about using is the eBay link. Just not sure if I get two, if they would sync.https://youtu.be/dQ1JA4sJ_uE

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    Iím new too all this too. Can you use a gateway controller?

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    IĒm not sure if Bluetooth would be better in this situation. I play my radio through Bluetooth, and am not sure if Iíd be able to play the stereo and have it run 2 controllers at the same time. I know they make something to accomplish this. I may add rock lights at a later date too, so not sure how adding on to this would compound.

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    What would be the difference from what I posted?

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    One device can control one or multiple LED controllers/receivers


    just no Alexa or google home capabilities

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    Only problem with that is this would be going in a side x side the smaller ones can be shrunk wrapped to the whip, so they remain waterproof. This one would need to be put in a sealed box, which would defeat the purpose.

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