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    I use a Nitecore D2 charger. I didn't include much of our correspondence but I did discuss how the problem was with both the GP and the Eneloop cells as well as the fact they were fully charged. All cells are reasonably fresh to brand new. As for the driver board, its not just loose but unsecured by design, and they confirmed that as well in our emails. I have some other complaints about the light but basically its NOT a $70 flashlight and the company does not offer customer service on par with others at half that price.

    Lesson learned. I will be avoiding Premetheus/foursevens from here on.

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    They make no secret of the driver being unsecured. If you read the information the company provides on the product page, this fact is advertised as a feature that enables users to modify the light at will. As a consequence, the loose driver board isn’t actually difficult to solve. It screws in. If you can install a lightbulb, you can fix the driver board.
    I’m curious what your “other complaints” are about the light.
    I personally own a QK2A MKIII and I can attest that the light is quite good and functions exactly as advertised. I can also assure you that it IS easily a $70 light, and that price is actually very reasonable considering all of the features put into the light. When compared side by side to other lights costing several times as much money, it holds its ground quite well, and performs fantastically. When compared to lights in similar price ranges, like Surefire or StreamLight, this light is head and shoulders above the competition particularly in the categories of tint and color rendering.
    Also, my, and many others experiences with Prometheus customer service have been nothing but positive. If you’re nice, they’re nice. If you’re aggressive, condescending, insulting, etc., they respond in kind.

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