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    where do i go to update my profile?

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    At the top of the page is a link "My Profile" Click it,
    Then click "About Me",
    Then "Customise My Profile".
    Don't forget to say where you come from, it's always interesting, plus it's a help if you want to know where to buy stuff.
    Peter's shopping list:- HDS / Oveready 170N Exec/LE and an Oveready V4 Nichia Drop In. Otherwise I'm content. Want want want, that's me.

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    Every time I click on "my profile" I get a message telling me I don't have access to that page.....yes, I clicked on the verification link in the email I was sent and it acknowledged that I was correctly verified.

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    You donít have your three vetted posts yet so you havenít yet gotten the ability to edit your profile.

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