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Thread: Best EDC flashlight that you can depend on and why..

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    Default Best EDC flashlight that you can depend on and why..

    What is the best Everyday Carry (EDC) flashlight that you can depend on and why did you choose that one?

    Let us assume for this that price is NOT an issue. If you had an unlimited supply of money which flashlight would you choose to EDC.

    HDS Systems Flashlight.

    Reasons: sealed from the elements - water, sleet, snow; an electronic switch that is dependable, durable, and quiet; solid and quality construction; potted electronics, programmable lumen levels and features, battery suspended by spring on each terminal end for shock resistance; takes primary and rechargeable batteries.

    Also, on Mode Access with the HDS when you are in one Mode you can go directly and immediately to any one of the other three programmed modes without having to waste time cycling through a fixed menu.
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