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Thread: Bacon Super Charged Hot Tent Rocket Stove.

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    Default Bacon Super Charged Hot Tent Rocket Stove.

    Sorry for the cellphone pics. I was in a funk. Drove for over an hour to launch the Pulk sled only to find I hand more snow in my woods. Some snow at the trail head but it just ran out a few hundred feet into the pull.

    Too much gear to backpack in. I couldn't go home with all that bacon so pulled over on the drive back to a local trail. There is no camping here or fire rings so decided to employ the tent stove as a rocket stove.


    I dumped the bacon grease down the short pipe and it just took off. Kept burning like this for some time.

    Stove in actual rocket mode.

    I dump the ashes in the snow. Made a heart which was IM to several women with mixed results.

    I think using a tent stove as a rocket stove worked out well. The longer pieces of wood were much easier to process. Just like pushing longer sticks into a fire rather than breaking them up.

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    Default Re: Bacon Super Charged Hot Tent Rocket Stove.

    I've never used my small stove like that- how was it with embers, etc? Did you run one of the inline screens in the pipe? I do like the elbow. How does it work with a long pipe attached? Stable or wonky?
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    Default Re: Bacon Super Charged Hot Tent Rocket Stove.

    Enjoyed as usual

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