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Thread: Hi from germany

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    Party Hi from germany

    Hi everybody,

    i‘m new to this forum,because i got infected by some bad
    „flashlight Virus“ that goes around here...

    the only thing i wanted was a new edc flashlight and after
    some searching i bought a zebralight sc64w hi.
    But i found the „Lego-Lights“ interesting and ordered a big
    pack at solarforce.

    And now it was too late to stop modding...damn
    btw my Name is Tom,I‘m 39 years old and from germany,
    so please forgive me my english!

    Greetings from germany

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    Default Re: Hi from germany

    Hello from Germany to Germany

    I used to have also a lot Solarforce Lego Lights. Now I only have two "Lego Lanterns" left and use the original lights ... surefire 6P, 9P, Z2, Z3, C2, C3 ....

    But anyway solarforce is not bad at all. You get fair quality for the price.


    Still looking for Surefire G2 in Orange.
    If you have one you don't like please PM me.

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    Default Re: Hi from germany

    Hi Tom! Great to have you! I’m over in the USA but the disease is the same! I have a lot of lights but have not yet got into the lego addiction...although I recently acquired a Malkoff MD2 which is expandable in all sorts of has me thinking...dangerous!
    I only fear that if something happens to me, my wife will sell all my stuff for what I told her I paid for it.

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