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Thread: WTB: Novatac 120P reflector

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    Default WTB: Novatac 120P reflector

    Just bought a great condition low serial# Novatac 120P. Great light I regret selling mine years ago. The bad news is the previous owner put fingerprints on the reflector. If you have a spare available please let me know.

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    Default Re: WTB: Novatac 120P reflector

    Just to see if you can salvage it, try this. It has worked well for me before.

    Remove the reflector. Cover it in dish soap (Dawn). Lightly rub your finger on the reflector. Rinse thoroughly. Dry off immediately with compressed air to avoid any spotting.

    This should solve your problem.
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    Default Re: WTB: Novatac 120P reflector

    I think I might have some Novatac parts for you if Mckeand13’s proven reflector cleaning method doesn’t get the print all the way out.

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