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Thread: PFlexPro Site Down Temporarily

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    Default PFlexPro Site Down Temporarily

    PFlexPro website/store is currently down, showing a message that it is closed temporarily.

    Randy at PFlexPro had to shut the site down, probably for a few weeks, to get caught up on a very large order. I noticed some speculation on another forum (where I am not a member) and thought I would share this here in case anyone was planning on ordering soon.

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    As soon as I was going to place an order I noticed that. Hop he comes back online soon.

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    Default Re: PFlexPro Site Down Temporarily

    Randy is a great guy. He has been discovered by agencies with big bucks and big needs. Good for him. Keep us posted if you can, MatthewSB. Thanks!

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    +1. My PFlexPro Convoy S2+ is still one of my favorite/most used lights. And I got it custom configured at a VERY reasonable price. Randy does his best to give you exactly what you want at rock bottom prices. A PFlexPro light is extremely good value.

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    It's nice to see people being successful in the hobby.

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