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Thread: TI SALE! Frosted Ti BOSS 70, Sigma, V10r

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    Buttrock TI SALE! Frosted Ti BOSS 70, Sigma, V10r

    EFor your consideration are a couple lights from my collection that Iím regretfully selling.

    First up is a Oveready frosted Ti BOSS 70 with 4k XP-L Hiís and an amber secondary. This light is in perfect condition and the frosted finish appears to be free of any imperfections.
    From what I understand, OR has no plans to make this finish in the near future and is long sold out on the site.
    $485 shipped SPF

    Next is a one off Ti Sigma customs 18500 that has 4k
    XP-L Hiís and an H17f driver. This one also has one of Mcbratís Ti boot rings.
    Iíve went over this light from front to back and even tho itís been carried and has a few minor carry marks, it is in exceptional condition and I promise the buyer will not be disappointed with this amazing piece.
    I bought this directly from Devin and I am to believe that this is one of his first Ti lights and possibly the only one made with this grip. I really donít want to sell this one, so I may withdraw it soon if there is no interest.

    One thing I must mention about the Sig. one of the
    AMC(?) chips came off the H17 driver. It still functions flawlessly and I canít tell any difference. Iíve been wanting to replace the $17 driver, but just havenít had time and since the light works fine I probably wonít. This is reflected in my price.
    $485 shipped. SOLD

    Lastly is a limited edition, Jerzee Devil Sunwayman V10r.
    This low production light has different engravings than the stock light and also has a neutral white XM-L2 which I believe to be the T6 bin and was unavailable directly from the manufacturer, hence the JD limited run.
    This piece is in excellent condition and has the original box, papers, clip and Ti AA extender.
    $120 shipped. SOLD

    All lights will be shipped USPS priority mail as soon as payment is received. Sorry, no International for now unless buyer was to pay for shipping costs.
    Any questions please donít hesitate to ask!

    Thank you for your interest and have a great day!

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    Default Re: TI SALE! Frosted Ti BOSS 70, Sigma, V10r

    Iíll take the V10R!
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    Default Re: TI SALE! Frosted Ti BOSS 70, Sigma, V10r

    Sorry Josh, this one was already clamed on FB and I just havenít had the time to update. If you want a V10 I do have another that you might be interested in.

    Quote Originally Posted by K2-bk-bl-rd View Post
    Iíll take the V10R!

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    Default Re: TI SALE! Frosted Ti BOSS 70, Sigma, V10r

    Haha, thatís what I get for working today! Email sent.
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    Default Re: TI SALE! Frosted Ti BOSS 70, Sigma, V10r

    Heading to the post office today and only the BOSS remains. Iíll do a onetime drop to $475 to get this one sold, so I can have all 3 lights with me when I go to the PO.
    Thanks everyone!

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